Jakeeno’s and Seward Co-op: A Community Partnership for Good Food and Ownership

by | Jan 9, 2024 | Frozen Pub Pizzas, Pizza Sauce

For almost five decades, Jakeeno’s has been more than a restaurant; it’s been a cornerstone of the Minneapolis community. While continuously evolving to connect with our customers, we’ve always maintained a commitment to providing a safe, welcoming space where families come together over the love of great food.

Community is at the heart of our mission, and one of our proud partners, Seward Co-op, echoes this sentiment. With two convenient locations – the Franklin Store at 2823 E Franklin Avenue and the Friendship Store at 317 E 38th Street, both in Minneapolis – Seward Co-op embodies community-owned, consumer-driven collaboration.

What Makes Seward Co-op Unique?

Unlike privately-owned discount clubs, Seward Co-op operates as a cooperative where ownership is open to everyone in the community. By purchasing stock in the co-op, individuals become owners, with the shared profits belonging to this collective group.

Community-Driven Ownership

Owners actively participate in the co-op’s governance, from electing the board of directors to running as candidates in elections. This collective ownership aims to foster a cooperative economy that serves the community’s needs.

Investing in Community and Local Impact

Investing in Seward Co-op means investing in the local economy. This ownership opportunity allows individuals to see their contributions at work, supporting community businesses like Jakeeno’s Pizza & Pasta while ensuring community resources stay within the community.

More Than Ownership: Socially Responsible Investment

Beyond the initial share, investing in Class C stock within the co-op provides an avenue for further social impact. This investment enables individuals to witness their money at work while enjoying the benefits of ownership and supporting local businesses.

Joining a Community of Ownership and Good Food

Joining Seward Co-op means becoming part of a community of over 23,000 Minneapolis households that collectively own and influence the operations of three businesses. It’s an opportunity to invest in something meaningful, where every purchase resonates locally.

Your Investment, Your Community, Your Jakeeno’s

At Seward Co-op, the power of ownership extends beyond financial benefits. It’s about building a cooperative economy that serves the people using it, preserving community resources, and offering a taste of local goodness, including Jakeeno’s Frozen Pub Pizzas, Pasta Sauce, and Pizza Sauce.

Joining Seward Co-op means investing in a community-driven, socially responsible model where your support directly impacts your local area. And at Jakeeno’s, it’s more than just delicious food – it’s a shared commitment to community and good food for everyone.