Where to find Frozen Pub Pizza and Pizza & Pasta Sauce

Explore Jakeeno’s Flavors Beyond Our Kitchen! 

Discover the essence of Jakeeno’s beyond our restaurant doors! Bring the savory flavors of our kitchen home with Jakeeno’s Pizza Sauce and Pasta Sauce, available for purchase at various retail locations across the Twin Cities Metro.

Elevate your dining experience by indulging in the convenience of Jakeeno’s Frozen Pub Pizzas, a delectable treat perfect for any occasion. If you prefer to savor our pub-style pizzas in the vibrant atmosphere of local bars, look for Jakeeno’s Pub Pizza offerings in establishments around the Twin Cities. Immerse yourself in the taste of Jakeeno’s wherever you are, making every meal a celebration of our authentic flavors.

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Jakeeno's Frozen Pub Pizza, Pizza Sauce & Pasta Sauce
Jakeeno's Frozen Pub Pizza
Prepared Jakeeno's Pub Pizza

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